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As the topic of loneliness is gaining significance internationally, we present the German project outline of „Kompetenznetz Einsamkeit“ (Loneliness Network) in various languages on this page.

Project outline - English

Loneliness Network Germany (KNE) addresses the causes and consequences of loneliness and promotes the development and exchange of knowledge on possible prevention and intervention measures in Germany.

To this end, the KNE combines research, networking and knowledge transfer.

The project aims to pool existing knowledge on the topic of loneliness, to close gaps in knowledge and to incorporate the insights gained into political and social practice. In this way, the project pursues the overarching goal of promoting solidarity and social cohesion.

Numerous stakeholders are already involved in preventing and combating loneliness. The project would like to bring these actors together in an open network that is constituted for specific purposes and in distinct working formats.

The aim is to ensure the exchange of expertise and information and to achieve a qualification of the discourse and stronger networking. The planning of the working formats will be based on the priority topics „civil society“, „municipalities“ and „digitalisation“.

In the practical research, the focus is on identifying and investigating factors that promote and hinder active prevention and combating of loneliness. To this end, existing measures are systematised on the basis of criteria and practitioners and those affected are surveyed in qualitative interviews. In addition, the establishment of a topic-related monitoring („loneliness barometer“) is an objective of the project. In preparation for the qualitative and quantitative research and on different effects and aspects of loneliness, eleven expert reports were prepared by scientists.

The aim of the transfer pillar is to disseminate the findings and results from the work of the network and the research of the KNE. For this purpose, various publications such as theory-practice guides, policy papers, expert reports as well as reports from practice research are planned. The website of the Loneliness Network serves as a central platform, which is designed with different formats such as podcasts, publications and event information.

The Loneliness Network project currently runs until the end of 2025. The Loneliness Network project is implemented by the Institute for Social Work and Social Education (ISS e.V.) and is funded and supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ).


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